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ZYZZYVA Workshops Ticket: Writing Trauma with Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Tickets are now available for our May 28th (11am to 2pm PST) remote Writers’ Workshop, Writing Trauma with Ingrid Rojas Contreras. Inherently endangering and visceral, trauma is an event through which a person is wounded and changed forever. But in creative writing, when it’s approached as a simple page-turning device, it becomes superficial and produces a predictable arc. Writing about trauma is a challenge, and for those who are writing from life, an intense and delicate process. To writers of color, queer, and disabled writers, this tenuous process is complicated by the publishing industry’s commodification of trauma. In this Zoom-based […]

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Craft Talk: Dean Rader on Poetry Workshops, Writing Hurdles, & Looking Outward


Diligent readers of ZYZZYVA will have noticed Dean Rader’s dazzling poems in numerous issues of the journal, most recently in our Art & Resistance-themed Issue 111. We’re pleased to announce that Rader will also be leading a ZYZZYVA Writer’s Workshop in Poetry on August 18th, which is currently accepting submissions. The deadline to enter is June 18th –– so do not delay! The poet recently took time out of his busy schedule, which includes teaching writing at the University of San Francisco, to discuss the merits of the Workshop format, writing hurdles he’s overcome, recent poetry collections he’s read, and much […]

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