Course Adoptions

If you are interested in integrating ZYZZYVA into your students’ coursework, we can help.

ZYZZYVA has long been used in classrooms across the country. The journal can serve as a terrific classroom resource: not only as a reliably excellent and innovative compendium of contemporary literature, but also as a useful teaching tool for literary magazine and creative writing courses. The journal can also work as the cornerstone for lively discussions around topics of contemporary art and literature, publishing, and printing.

We make it easy for teachers to “adopt” the journal for their classes:

  • Students receive four issues at the special rate of $30—a sizeable discount off the newsstand price.
  • We provide a complimentary desk subscription to instructors whose classes “adopt” ZYZZYVA (meaning at least three enrolled students have purchased student-rate subscriptions).
  • And we ensure students receive at least two issues of ZYZZVYA during the course of a semester.

To set up your class with ZYZZYVA, please email us at [email protected]