In the Spring Issue

The newest ZYZZYVA features a special section of work by authors who divide their time between the West Coast and elsewhere, as well as …

Stories about love and grieving (Marianna Cherry’s “The Endurance”), about love and its opportunities: grand (Chris Leslie-Hynan’s “Hunter’s Moon”) and grim (Herbert Gold’s “The Passion of a Fussy Man” and Michelle Latiolais’s “Gas”), irrevocable (Dani Shapiro’s “Cardioplegia”) and fixed to place (Molly Giles’s “Life Span”). Fiction on the writing life—whether pursued in a classroom (Lori Ostlund’s “Clear as Cake”) or very much alone (Debbie Graber’s “Northanger Abbey”)—and fiction about teachers, young and veteran, learning the truth about themselves (Hilda Johnston’s “In Her Dream the Teacher Apologizes” and Peter Mountford’s “Safari in the Bayou”).

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A profile of a beloved uncle and a community of deaf Mexican migrants making their home in the United States (Diego Enrique Osorno’s “A Cowboy Crosses the Border in Silence”), and the pensées of the great poet W.S. Di Piero (“Out of Notebooks”).

Verse from Joseph Di Prisco, Alexandra Teague, Christopher Buckley, Lynne Knight, Amy Miller, Christian Kiefer, Adam O. Davis, Allan Peterson, Michelle Lin, Matthew Nienow, Richard Tillinghast, and Floyd Skloot.

And we introduce young writers Rebecca Rukeyser (“The Chinese Barracks”) and Aaron Jae-Ho Shin (“Erroneous”).

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