ZYZZYVA No. 99 Winter 2013


Awards & Accolades

Pushcart Prize

200 pages.

In the Winter Issue, time and worlds bend:

Juan Pablo Villalobos’s “Photisms”: A little boy tells his distracted psychiatrist that he sees mysterious green lights and hears a voice telling him, “See you in the non-world.”

Lisa Teasley’s “Full Circle”: The bonds between a couple stretch across eras and genders, forged by incredible loss, rancor, and love.

Monique Wentzel’s “Modern Speedwash”: A struggling woman finds a portal to a universe where she’s made different choices—and has a comfortable life to show for it. But can she so easily give up the life she knew before?

Moritz Thomsen’s “The Bombardier’s Handbook”: An excerpt from the late author’s once-lost World War II diary speaks afresh to the anguish and horror of war.

Also, a conversation in verse between Matthew Dickman and Kazim Ali; Pushcart Prize-winning fiction from Daniel Tovrov on the new (unforgiving) newsroom; Mary Otis’s story of a mother and daughter’s reckoning while camping near the beach; Don Waters’s tale of a terminally ill man who waits for the end in Juarez; Catherine Brady’s story of a bankrupt woman in San Francisco, fighting against more than just foreclosure on her home; J. Malcolm Garcia’s noir set in a homeless program in the Tenderloin; plus new poetry from Heather Altfeld, John W. Evans, and Wendy Willis (including a recipe for huckleberry jam).

And featuring artwork by Tom Stolmar and Marcus Covert, and a portfolio of David Maisel’s eerily beautiful photography of Western landscapes ravaged by mining.

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