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Now you can order the complete set of 2013 issues. Featuring fiction by Lori Ostlund, Herbert Gold, Molly Giles, Peter Mountford, Dani Shapiro, Michelle Latiolais, Eric Puchner, Kirstin Chen, Elizabeth Spencer, Vanessa Hua, Mary Otis, Don Waters, Catherine Brady, Juan Pablo Villalobos, Lisa Teasley, and J. Malcolm Garcia; poetry by Matthew Dickman, Kazim Ali, Wendy Willis, John W. Evans, Heather Altfeld, Dean Rader, Rebecca Foust, Zubair Ahmed, David Biespiel, Allan Peterson, Christian Kiefer, Alexandra Teague, and Floyd Skloot; nonfiction from W.S. Di Piero, Diego Enrique Osorno, Anne Raeff, and Moritz Thomsen; plus artwork from Devri Richmond, Vanessa Marsh, David Maisel, Meghann Riepenhoff, Mike Callaghan, Jeannie O’Connor, Tom Stolmar, Iris Chabari-Berggren, and Marcus Covert. Order the bundle as a treat for yourself, or as an elegant gift. $30 + shipping.

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