ZYZZYVA No. 118 Spring 2020


224 pages.

In this issue:

Our 35th Anniversary Issue

“Community Plot” by Bryan Washington: What can a young man learn about the ways of being in this world from the older neighbor in his building?

“Work Night” by Lysley Tenorio: From her computer, thousands of miles away, Maxima offers a lonely North Dakotan his idea of the perfect woman.

“Before and After” by Elizabeth Reichert: A terrible childhood event may say more about an ex-pat in Hong Kong than he, his wife, or his circle can reckon with.

“Swamp Tyrant” by Santiago José Sánchez: Out camping, two kids navigate the yearning for belonging and the harsh imposition of a Boy’s Mission.

“The Showcase Court” by Mark Chiusano: What could be the catch to an offer to play pick-up basketball on a luxurious estate?

Plus new stories by Peter Orner and Kristen Iskandrian.

“Cathedrals of Hope” by Lauren Markham: On the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the project of democracy and the right to vote remain contested.

“Behold Us Two Boys Sitting Together” by Dave Madden: “I’m about to tell you about a friendship that’s lasted thirty years and perhaps the first thing to learn is that there are certain subjects we don’t talk about directly.”

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton talks to John McMurtrie about her road to becoming an author and how her novels examine questions of generational patterns, colorism, and progress.

Meg Hurtado Bloom, Lisa Higgs, Troy Jollimore, Debora Kuan, Jennifer Richter, Dujie Tahat, John Sibley Williams, and Emma Winsor Wood.

Anne Siems

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