On Entering 2nd Grade

Here. Take red clover in the mail box
take Tigey take soft and old
and barbed wire
take care take yourself.
Or take karaoke for example

your glasses a souvenir the Ferris wheel
or ferret.
Take Mr. Hoppy Junior
and his penchant for light
take insomnia laugh tracks trucks balance
beams and global warming take
lemon drops.

Take the enamel off the paint
and the springs from the trampoline.
Take manes and tails
and the large eye-fruits of the named but invisible
horses that follow you to school.
The dock is rising to where sky reclaims the water —

So take your stories
and throw them in.
Take stepping off cliffs
into lakes rope swings that sway in the air
your mother’s hair clip
and stockings the seam —
take no more streets without trees

no glitter no secret gardens no books
about baby-sitting clubs
no more afternoons
speedboating away from rage.

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