ZYZZYVA No. 123 Spring 2022


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246 pages.

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The Poetry Issue

Heather Altfeld · Joan Baranow · Victoria Adukwei Bulley · Denver Butson · Chris Carosi · W.S. Di Piero · Troy Jollimore · Ruth Madievsky · Maggie Millner · Jesse Nathan · Carl Philips · Dean Rader · Dan Shurley · Tayi Tibble · Matthew Zapruder

John Wall Barger in conversation with Matthew Zapruder: “It’s always funny to say that poetry is going to solve anything, but I do think the thinking we do in poetry is key.”

And Victoria Chang on how joy manifests in poems.

Tom Bissell (an author’s comeuppance is imminent in “His Finest Moment”), Lynn Coady, Yohanca Delgado (eerie twin babies know more than you could guess in “The Withering”), Carlos Fonseca, Jessica Francis Kane (a well-meaning community’s embrace of a landscaper and his family becomes peculiar in “Sandalio,”) Ingrid Rojas Contreras, and Colin Winnette.

Sylvie Baumgartel, Glen David Gold (on suffering Long COVID and the damage done to all), Daniel Handler (“Texts that have survived for thousands of years, which weren’t typed up but inscribed, memorized, or even carved into stone, are about enormous strange, frightening things.”), and Enid Shomer.

David Avery and Tabitha Soren.

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