ZYZZYVA No. 121 Fall 2021


219 pages.

In this issue:

The Family Issue

“Wedding Favors” by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton: “Her mother had once said, She should have asked you to be a bridesmaid, Liana. Y’all grew up like sisters, and Liana had said she was glad she hadn’t asked. She didn’t have $200 to be burning on no ugly ass dress …”

“Radical Empathy” by Robin Romm: A young egg donor, just starting her life, finds that what should have been a simple transaction continues to unexpectedly tug at her.

“The Kollwitz Hand” by Victoria Redel: Four etchings by the famed German Expressionist open a line of inquiry connecting Kollwitz’s art to Redel’s mother’s “passion to be in the presence of the disquieting.”

“Wool” by Mark Labowskie: Faced with a failing relationship with Eli back home, Martin heads to the country to visit bohemian friends Dot and Lola and their daughter, his biological child.

“Cousin Abraham” by Andrew Mangan: “Cousin Abraham came to live with us because my mother was a special-ed teacher and would ‘know what to do.’ That’s how my Aunt Maureen put it the evening she turned up alone at our house…”

Plus fiction and nonfiction by Bethany Ball, Ben Lasman, Cristina Perachio, and Mieke Marple.

Jonathan Franzen talks to Paul Wilner about what constitutes a family novel.

E. Kristin Anderson, Kathleen Balma, Fay Dillof, Zach Linge, Ann Lovett, and Andrew Navarro.

And featuring the art of Melissa Joseph

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