ZYZZYVA No. 120 Spring 2021


219 pages.

In this issue:

The Technology Issue: Stories, Dreams, & Nightmares

“Biodome” by Juhea Kim: in a South Korea girded to survive climate change disaster, class distinctions and career prospects are that much sharper.

“The Sins of Others” by Héctor Tobar: rumors of ICE rounding up people under the Replacement Law seem like a folk tale, until they come for you.

“My One and Only Very Incredible Amazing Love” by Lee Conell: social media and reality TV split the path of friendship shared by two young women.

“Robot” by Daniel Mason: Joyce finds herself beguiled by the work of a famous science fiction author—whom she has the chance to meet.

“Generational Differences” by Anthony Veasna So: “My life isn’t easy to digest. But forgive me for being your mother, because I am writing this section about you, my only son.”

Plus fiction by Andrew Tonkovich and Kate Reed Petty.

John Markoff on the misunderstood values of Stewart Brand.

Troy Jollimore on the movies of the Coen Brothers, and the high cost of believing that we control our narratives.

Xiaowei Wang on China and the question, “What does it mean to live, to be human right now?”

William Brewer, Chris Carosi, Amanda Moore, Sheryl Luna, Dominica Phetteplace, Leah Poole Osowski, and Benjamin Voigt.

And featuring the digital collages of Dave McClinton

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