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An Unknown Future: ‘Stand Your Ground, The Sun Is Rising’ at Old Crow

Shadi Rahimi's "Women Are the Red Line" (2011), 14 inches x 11 inches (courtesy of the artist)

“This is actually the first time that my parents have seen these photos. I didn’t want them to fear for what I was doing.” – Shadi Rahimi

In May 2011, freelance photographer and journalist Shadi Rahimi spent two weeks in Cairo. There, through a series of short videos titled Voices of Egypt, the young Iranian-American chronicled the range of Egyptian perspectives surrounding the ongoing uprising. She left the country so creatively and emotionally transfixed that within days of returning home to Oakland she quit her job and worried her family by buying a one-way ticket back into the tumult-ridden capital. She stayed, remarkably, for seven months, immersing herself in the humanity of the conflict. Stand Your Ground, The Sun Is Rising, a striking photography exhibit on display at the Old Crow Gallery until June 18, is part of the end result of her experience.

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