Issue No. 127

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  • “Easier in Others” by Rose Himber Howse:
    A young couple in peril accepts a ride from a trucker. “The man leaned over and opened the passenger door. You girls alright?”
  • “Flight of the Dodo” by Will Boast:
    On a mission far from Earth, the force of attraction still applies. “He stripped down to his underwear, a pair of red and white briefs. She took in his taut, chiseled body. Plenty of time on his hands for exercise, it appeared.”

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  • “Working Life” by Hannah Kingsley-Ma:
    Managing a new team at the office (and checking in on a recently fired coworker) brings simmering questions about work—and life—to the surface. “I had taken the girl who always cried at work under my wing. I had decided I was her mentor. She seemed resistant, but my god, didn’t she need one?”
  • And more fiction by Nadia Davids, Molly Giles, Jane Gillette, Nazlı Koca, Cate Lycurgus, Lou Mathews, and Megan Padilla


  • Rafael Alcides (translated by Pablo Medina), James Cagney, Ron Slate, Susana Villalba (translated by Robin Myers)


  • Glen David Gold on San Diego Comic Con—and the psychology of acquisition

In Conversation

  • Manuel Muñoz talks to Joan Silber about taking the long view of the writing life; crafting time in short fiction; and her fictional characters, all of whom are important, no matter how minor.


  • Clare Rojas

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