The Whiting Literary Magazine Prize


Dear Readers,

We are elated to announce that ZYZZYVA has received the Whiting Literary Magazine Prize. The Prize is a major validation of the journal’s decades-long work to showcase the most exciting poets, writers, and artists from our home region, as well as from across the country and beyond.

“ZYZZYVA has for years been a shepherd to a capacious community of West Coast writers,” the judges’s citation states. “Masterfully edited and sharply cerebral, this place-based journal dazzles readers with formal innovation and an appetite for adventure, diving deeply into its regionality while ushering the world onto its pages. As a print object it has exquisite presence and dignity, featuring gorgeous full-color prints at the center of every issue. Out of a rich history rooted in San Francisco, a stalwart, world-class magazine has emerged.”

We thank the Whiting committee for their heartening recognition. We are grateful for the support included with the Prize—support that will help us make new strides in ZYZZYVA’s growth. And it’s a pleasure to be among such fine company with the other awardees this year.

To the subscribers and donors who have supported us through the years: we hope you are as excited as we are for this award. You are an essential part of this organization. Thank you for standing by us, for reading and boosting the journal, and for showing up to our events. We are inspired by your commitment to us. And if you’re new to the journal and are reading this, we welcome you to join our vibrant readership by subscribing.


The ZYZZYVA team

P.S. If in light of the Whiting Literary Magazine Prize you would like to spread the word about ZYZZYVA, please consider sending friends and family a Gift Subscription.

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  1. I am interested in your cover designs as I am now on board for art design with a new literary magazine

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