ZYZZYVA 35th Anniversary Bundle


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Featuring fiction from Jonathan Escoffery, Francisco González, Bryan Washington, Lysley Tenorio, Santiago José Sánchez, Peter Orner, Kristen Iskandrian, Siel Ju, Charlie Jane Anders, Rita Bullwinkel, and Ingrid Rojas Contreras.

Nonfiction from Nina Revoyr, Wendy C. Ortiz, A. Kendra Greene, Joe Donnelly, Lauren Markham, Dave Madden, Gloria Frym, and Lydia Kiesling.

Poetry from Victoria Chang, David Hernandez, Douglas Manuel, Meg Hurtado Bloom, John Sibley Williams, sam sax, W.S. Di Piero, Lady Nestor Gomez.

Interviews with Wanda Coleman, Margaret Wilkerson Sexton, Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian.

Art from Henry Lara, Anne Siems, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Janet Delaney.

Get the complete set of our three most recent special issues. Includes Issues No. 119 (The L.A. Issue), 118 (The 35th Anniversary Issue), and 117 (The Bay Area Issue).

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