ZYZZYVA 2011 Bundle


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Get the complete set of 2011 Spring, Fall and Winter issues, specially packaged with a ZYZZYVA greeting card. Featuring stories from Tom Bissell, Erika Recordon, Tom Barbash, Karen Joy Fowler, Will Boast, Katie Chase, Malena Watrous, David Guterson, Susan Berman, Josh DuBose, Vanessa Hua, and Adam Johnson; poetry by Matthew Dickman, Jeanette Allee, W.S. Di Piero, Robin Ekiss, Troy Jollimore, Heather Altfeld, Floyd Skloot, Carl Adamshick; nonfiction from Stephen Elliott, Jill Storey, Carter Scholz, Paula Priamos, Gary Soto, and art by Owen Smith, Richard Misrach, Katy Grannan, Julio Cesar Morales, Sandow Birk, Carson Murdach, Reid Yalom, Susan Seubert, and Monica Denevan. Supplies are limited. $30 + shipping. Sold out!

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