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ZYZZYVA Recommends January 2020: What to Read, Watch, & Listen to

A new year means new media! It’s too early to tell just what the year will bring, but we’re kicking off 2020 with a Staff Recommends—so here’s a sampling of what we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to: Alicia Long, Intern: Despite all the changes that the new year promises, I find myself falling into familiar rhythms. These include the ones that bleed from the album Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes, who have long accompanied me and my headphones wherever we may go. Led by powerhouse Brittany Howard, the bluesy rock band, hailing loud and proud from Alabama, released their second …Continue reading

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‘Mrs. Sorry’ by Gabriela Garcia

Below, we present Gabriela Garcia’s short story “Mrs. Sorry” from Issue 116: The first time I see her, she is buying cold cream. What she wants, she says, is a moisturizer that doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t sit on her skin like so much weight. I lay out her options: whipped argan oil, cold-pressed and refined; our new micro-beading exfoliating lotion with gentle 7 percent alpha hydroxy; the best-selling hyaluronic acid-plus-B-vitamins gel with all-day-stay technology, patent pending. Her red fingernails tap the counter as she slides a credit card with her other hand. She buys all of them. A few days …Continue reading

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‘Hangover 1.1.2019’ by sam sax

The following is sam sax’s poem “Hangover 1.1.2019” from Issue 117 in its entirety: Like a hammer swung into antique champagne flutes Like a family heirloom traded for a Twix Like a red dictionary dropped from a replica famous bridge Like a robe made out of skin that, turns out, is your skin & oops you must wear it Like the man who lives in your occipital lobe slowly whittles a sad stick and sighs Like a headwrap made of crane flies Like a framed section of your brain hanged in a museum Like a school of hungry kids all …Continue reading

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