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Volume 29, #3, Winter 2013

ZYZZYVA Volume 29, #3, Winter 2013

Featured in our Winter issue: Fiction from Catherine Brady, J. Malcolm García, Mary Otis, Lisa Teasley, Juan Pablo Villalobos, and Don Waters. Poetry from Kazim Ali, Heather Altfeld, Matthew Dickman, John W. Evans, and Wendy Willis. Nonfiction from Moritz Thomsen and Pat Joseph. Introducing First Time in Print writers Daniel Tovrov and Monique Wentzel, and art from Marcus Covert, Tom Stolmar, and David Maisel.

In the Winter Issue

In our newest issue, time and worlds bend:

In Juan Pablo Villalobos’s “Photisms”: A little boy tells his distracted psychiatrist that he sees mysterious green lights and hears a voice telling him, “See you in the non-world.”

In Lisa Teasley’s “Full Circle”: The bonds between a couple stretch across eras and genders, forged by incredible loss, rancor, and love.

In Monique Wentzel’s “Modern Speedwash”: A struggling woman finds a portal to a universe she’s made different choices and has a comfortable life to show for it. But can she so easily give up the life she knew before?

And in Moritz Thomsen’s “The Bombardier’s Handbook”: An excerpt from the late author’s once-lost World War II diary speaks afresh to the anguish and horror of war.

Also, a conversation in verse between Matthew Dickman and Kazim Ali; fiction from Daniel Tovrov on the new (unforgiving) newsroom; Mary Otis’s story on a mother and daughter’s reckoning while camping near the beach; Don Waters’s tale of a terminally ill man who waits for the end in Juarez; Catherine Brady’s story of  a bankrupt woman in San Francisco, fighting against more than just foreclosure on her home; J. Malcolm Garcia’s noir set in a homeless program in the Tenderloin, plus new poetry from Heather Altfeld, John W. Evans, and Wendy Willis (including a recipe for huckleberry jam).

And featuring artwork by Tom Stolmar and Marcus Covert, and a portfolio of  David Maisel’s eerily beautiful photography of Western landscapes ravaged by mining.

You can get a copy of the Winter issue here, or order a subscription to ZYZZYVA and we’ll start you off by shipping you the Winter issue.

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