A Note from the Editors

A little more than 25 years ago, ZYZZYVA was founded. Since then, the journal has created an enduring space for writers and artists living on the West Coast — defined here as not only the states of Washington, Oregon, and California, but Hawaii and Alaska, too. The list of past contributors — many of whom were first published in ZYZZYVA — is impressive, and a testament to ZYZZYVA’s relevance.

We are fortunate to have such a strong foundation from which to build. Upon that solid base we’re adding a new website, featuring a literary gazette of sorts (a.k.a., the ZYZZYVA blog). We’re introducing a new design. We’re bringing in seasoned writers to complement the new talent we’ll continue to publish.

Some things won’t change. We’ll keep tracking down and presenting to you engaging art, both in the print journal and online. We’ll still be headquartered in San Francisco. We’ll still keep spelling our name in all caps (though we’ve ditched having it in ital, too).

But as we present the writing and art we are particularly taken with in each future issue, the journal’s voice will become more apparent. And with each new issue, we plan on opening the gates wider to more and more artists and writers, providing them a forum to reach readers and commune with their peers. (Yes, putting on events and parties is part of that mix.)

We’re honored and grateful to be at the helm of a such a fine publication, but more than anything we’re excited for what’s to come—working and collaborating with the artists and writers who make the West Coast the cultural wonderland that it is—and capturing that delight for the benefit of our readers.

—The Editors

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  1. Patricia Conover says:

    How exciting! Congratulations ZYZZYVA on more than twenty-five years of publishing. I’m thrilled to see this wonderful journal online. With its vivid design ethic and extraordinary writing, ZYZZYVA is a treasure to share with every one I know.

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